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Developer Access

A quick guide on how to provide developer access to your box.
If you do not want them to have access to your server but you still want them to help you develop and access your server files, use GitHub.
We offer installation of GitHub as an addon found on "My Services" section. We provide a guide after setup for your knowledge. IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW:
You are solely responsible for backing up your data at all times, so regularly back it up. This includes using services like GitHub or Google Drive for database files like Heidi or SQL, since your data is not automatically protected. Your data is not currently protected by us.
Keep your server safe and don't let anyone else use our billing portal. It contains personal information like your name, home address, and phone number. If someone else gets access, they could delete your files or cause other serious problems.
Don't share your billing portal login with anyone. We keep an eye on login activities and will notice if someone who shouldn't have access tries to use your account. If this happens, we might have to suspend or even shut down your server without warning. This is your only warning – keep your account details to yourself. If you're working with developers or others on your server, you can let them access the server directly, for example through Remote Desktop. But remember, this could lead to risks, like unwanted changes. We always want what's best for you, so please be careful and only share access with people you really trust.
However, please remember that only server owners can access our support services for support related to the server itself such as billing questions, server performance, etc...
For us, the 'owner' refers solely to our client. If help is needed, it must be requested by the owner, either via Discord or our web portal.
Attempts to sidestep this policy will be detected through our diligent IP and login tracking. If you opt to grant others access to your account, any consequences are solely your responsibility; our company isn't liable for such decisions.
While this policy may seem challenging, it is designed to protect your files and respect the work you've put into your city. If you need help, simply create a ticket on Discord!
It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you DO NOT give access to your dedicated server or VPS unless you 100% trust your developers or admins. We also DO NOT recommend giving them access to your files by setting up File Zilla on your servers!
To provide access to your developers or admins on your machine, you just need to add them as users.
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