Logging into your VPS

How to log into your gaming VPS.

Where are my log in details?

  • VPS Customers:

    • If you recently deployed your VPS, allow up to 5 minutes for you to receive an email titled "Your VPS Server is Ready!".

    • Please note as part of the quality control checks, the server may restart several times over the next few minutes. Allow a few minutes before you can connect using remote desktop.

  • Dedicated Customers:

    • Check your welcome email titled "New Dedicated Server Information" it will contain your username, password and IP to connect.

Search for Remote Desktop Connection on your computer.

On Computer: Enter your server IP address.

On Username: Enter your username, it's usually Administrator.

If you do not know your username, find your welcome email for more information.

Check the box "Allow me to save credentials" and click CONNECT. Enter your password.

If it asks for any other prompts, ignore them and click or "Do not remind me again" so it does not popup every time you connect.

On the Display tab, you can choose to use multiple monitors.

On the Local Resources tab, make sure clipboard is checked so you're able to copy/paste.

After you're done working on your server, you can simple exit out of Remote Desktop by clicking on the X found on the blue bar on top.

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