🎤External pma-voice server

How to setup pma-voice in a different server.

Who should be setting up an external pma-voice server?

This tutorial will show you how to run pma-voice on a separate server from your main one. Doing this can improve voice quality and reduce lag, especially with a lot of players online. It can also maintain voice chat stability during DDoS attacks.

If you're not hosting at least 60 players or experiencing issues during DDoS attacks, then this guide might not be necessary for you. In that case, setting up pma-voice on a separate server may not be required.


First off, you'll need a new server that's different from the one you're currently using. There are several options for this. You could use our Budget VPS 1. However, you're not limited to these servers; feel free to use any server of your choosing. We're simply providing some suggestions to help you get started. Once you've set up your secondary server, you'll need to install a fresh copy of your preferred framework, whether that's QBCore, ESX, or a standalone version. The key is to ensure that pma-voice is up and running on this new server. This approach is great because it helps avoid compatibility problems or configuration mistakes. In the server.cfg file of your newly set up server, you can include the following line to keep the server unlisted. It might also be a good idea to set your txAdmin to admin-only access, which can help avoid any mix-ups with players attempting to join the wrong server.

#sv_master1 ""

By doing this, you ensure that the server isn't visible in public listings and manage your administrative access to prevent unintended player connections. Now on your main server, you will edit your server.cfg to the following.

setr voice_allowSetIntent 1
setr voice_externalAddress 'ip_address'
setr voice_externalPort 30199
setr voice_hideEndpoints 1

Substitute 'ip_address' with the IP of the server you set up earlier, and ensure that the ports are opened in the firewall for this new server. We do not offer any support other than what is found on this guide. Please do not ask us for any support or open tickets about this, they will be auto closed.

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