Cops Lol. Honest to God all I have to say. Cops are the worst pu$$*s! They cry when they don't win and they still cry when they win. Most of them have a win mentality and will force their RP into ANYONE. I have fired all cops multiple times in a few of my cities and let me tell you, it works wonders. If your cops are doodoo, do this. You need them because they will make up for more than half of your city's RP. Make sure you have a strong police force. I always recommend 1 department. No bullshit of different departments. I also don't recommend "special division" it's a waste of time, RP is not setup for those, there's not a lot of scripts and game mechanics in place to facilitate the RP of an FBI agent for example.

Business The other backbone of your city!! Make sure you offer PLENTY of business for people to own. Now, this is very important. MLOs for business should NOT BE added UNLESS they donate for the MLO. The reason why I say this is because this will weed out the real business owners from people that just want to "own" something. Believe me, if you don't have some type of "road block" for business MLO, your city will have 100 MLOs and your frames will be 10. People should ALSO present you with a business proposal. A business is meant to IMPROVE role play in the city, not just sit around all day on the MLO doing nothing. It need to have value, real value. You may also need to make scripts for the business Here's a few questions you can ask your members while sending their application

  • Provide a list of who will be managing the business, starting from the CEO all the way down to the employees.

  • Provide details on how will the business help the city

  • Provide details on how your business will generate revenue and how will the revenue be distributed to your employees or payment

  • Provide details on how your business will operate and will gather sales

  • What will you require from the government to help you get started on this business?

DOJ The BEST department! DOJ will REALLY turn your city around and will give a different kind of RP, if you don't have it. ADD IT!! Now, there's a downside, make sure that is managed properly or you'll have criminal taking advantage of this and civilians as well.

Jobs The BACK BONE of your city. Make sure you have PLENTY OF jobs!! Your city hall should be filled with jobs people can do to earn money. Every single job in your city, you should be adding it to city hall.

Robberies Who wants a boring city? No one does. Add every single robbery you can find! Make sure you add it to the Scoreboard/Dashboard of your city. People need to see what THEY CAN DO! A lot of people will say "There's nothing to do!" Nah, there is plenty to do, they are just too lazy to find out.

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