🚔Car Pack Installation

How to properly install your car pack.

Packing your cars into one single resource allows for better optimization to your city. Rather than loading 200 different folders, you can stream all cars under one singular resource folder.

You can download a template by clicking here.

You cannot car pack cars that are encrypted. You can tell if they're encrypted if the folder comes with a .fxap

Using the template above for as reference

All .meta files goes into data folder with a new folder for the spawn name. As you can see below, the spawn name of the car is st185 and inside of this folder I created, all .meta files should be on here. It keeps everything organized in case you want to edit the handling or any meta data.

All .yft, ytd and any other streaming files will go into the stream folder. As you can see below, I created a new folder and named it the same as the spawn car, st185. This makes things organized in case you need to reference back to edit liveries.

For the fxmanifest, you do not need to specify what to load as I have made it on the template above so it reads all of the .meta in one resource.

To add more cars, follow the same steps.

Create two folders, one in data and one in stream.

  • Create two folders, one in data and one in stream.

  • Drop all .meta files on your data folder

  • Drop all .yft, .ytd stream files on your stream folder.

  • Remember to name the folders the same as your spawn code (the same as the stream .yft file)

Adding cars to QBCore

Add the cars to your qb-core > shared > vehicles.

Make sure the spawn names matched the names found inside of your vehicles.meta or the car will not be able to be stored in garage or you won't be able to do /admincar.

ZeroDream Mod - Click here to open it. This is an AMAZING TOOL everyone should be using! It will grab any gta5mods.com cars and will convert it to FiveM ready on your behalf. No more OpenIV struggle. It is perfect for my method above.

Handling Editor - Click here to open it. Another AMAZING TOOL for setting proper handling for all of your cars.

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