⬆️Upgrading your VPS

How to upgrade your VPS server at 1 of 1 Servers.

To upgrade your VPS:

  • Access your Billing Portal

  • Select "Manage" from Your Active Products/Services.

  • Choose "Upgrade/Downgrade" on the right-hand side and select your desired package.

Keep in mind that VPS upgrades must be done per package and cannot be done for individual components like RAM, storage, or CPU. If you have a Budget VPS plan and want to upgrade, the usual steps above won’t work. You’ll need to open a support ticket because Budget VPS plans have different disk sizes. If you want to move from a Budget VPS to a Premium DDR4 or DDR5 VPS plan, check that the new Premium VPS offers more storage than your current Budget VPS. If it doesn't have more storage, we can't upgrade it for you automatic and you'd have to buy the new VPS and move your files over yourself.

The cost of your upgrade is based on a credit for the unused portion of your current plan and billing for the new plan for the same period. If you choose a longer billing period, you will receive a discount. If you have any outstanding invoices, they need to be paid first. There are no additional fees for upgrades.

Once you submit your payment, there is no need to take any further action. Your data will not be lost and you will not need to create a backup. Your VPS will simply restart to implement the upgrades.

Please note that upgrades are processed manually during regular business hours of Monday - Sunday, from 9:00 AM EST to 1:00 AM EST. While most upgrades are processed pretty quickly, it can take up to 6 hours if outside of our business hours.

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