Business FiveM is a business, I don't care who says it's not. It is, and if you think it isn't, you're delusional and you should not be owner of a FiveM city. If you're running a city and you get extra donations, what should you do with it? You are sitting there 10+ hours a day developing for the city and making it better, you obviously are not getting paid for it, not directly at least. You should be able to take some of the donation and pay yourself. However, be upfront with your community!! Make sure they're aware of that. No one likes to know their donation are going towards your Egg Muffin at McDonald's!

Scams If you're one of the owners that has a city for 2 months, collect donations and then shut it down, fu!%$ you and shame on you.


I always have been thankful when someone donates even $1 because it means they care, regardless of the perks they may receive. You should always be thankful to your donators who support your development.

Hungry Don't be greedy! Every single dollar you get, put it BACK INTO THE CITY! That money was donated for the city, not for your internet bill or for you Doordash orders.

What are some donations ideas?

  • Import cars - cars from gta5online

  • 1 of 1 Cars - Only one person own it

  • Creators car - Support FiveM creators, like RmodCustoms.

  • Fresh imports - cars that are not currently in the city

  • Custom License Plates

  • Priority Queue (if you have enough people... don't sell this if you're struggling to even pass 20 players out of 64.)

  • Custom Phone Numbers

  • Business Licenses (Cut the cap. I seen so much money for this... be realistic...)

  • MLOs (This should be your must expensive item... because you want to somewhat discourage someone from just spamming your city with worthless MLOs that will only be used once per month)

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