👚Clothing Installation

How to properly install your clothing

Here's a very controversial topic.

What is the correct way to stream your clothing files?

Well, there is not a "right" or "wrong" way.

Obviously, there's always a better way and I'm going to show you how I stream my clothing.

GTA in general have not made it easy to properly identify what is what as far as clothing goes. It's very tedious, very long names just for a shirt or a sock.

You can download a template by clicking here. They are empty folders with nothing inside, just named to facilitate this guide.

Before you can stream custom clothing, you need to have Element Club Argentum from FiveM Patreon.

If you want to test stream custom clothing on your developer server but you don't have any Patreon membership, that is fine. Just make sure that your server slots are under 9 players.

Using the template above for as reference

Drop ALL of your stream files inside the stream folder. When you start dropping them into one single folder, you'll see that they might say that you already have a file with the same name. Start choosing what you should keep.

As you can see, I have a total of 14.6k clothing and it's 5.5 GB. It's quite a big folder but they are not repeated, they're all unique clothing and they all work.

Why should you not have multiple streaming folders for clothing? Well, the answer is simple, they will conflict with each other. All of your stream clothing should be in one single folder.

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