🖥️Adding Developer Access

A quick guide on how to provide developer access to your box.

If you do not want them to have access to your server but you still want them to help you develop and access your server files, use GitHub.

We offer installation of GitHub as an addon found on "My Services" section. We provide a guide after setup for your knowledge.

Keep your server safe and don't let anyone else use our billing portal. It contains personal information like your name, home address, and phone number. If someone else gets access they can see all of this information. They could delete your files or cause other serious problems. No one have access to adding authorized users from within your client billing portal, that option is disabled.

To provide access to your developers or admins on your VPS or dedicated server via Remote Desktop, you just need to add them as users.

  • Control Panel

  • User Accounts

  • User Accounts

  • Manage another account

  • Add a user account

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you DO NOT give access to your dedicated server or VPS unless you 100% trust your developers or admins. We also DO NOT recommend giving them access to your files by setting up File Zilla on your servers!

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