🍎Product Addons

The different free and paid addons we provide.

Free Addons

All of the add-on we offer can be found on your Product Addons. None of these add-on can be purchased/added to the Budget VPS lineup, don't ask.

Beginner Plan Web Hosting - Free

Complimentary web hosting package while you have the current active service, if terminated web hosting will also be terminated. Note that our web hosting services are unmanaged. This implies that our support is limited exclusively to issues directly related to the web hosting. We do not offer support for any other aspects, including cPanel.

We will install QBCore framework or ESX on your local VPS. If you know how to do this yourself, you may skip this option. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, QBCore has a guide on their documents found here. Setup takes about 1 hour to complete after we receive your files and we let you know your ticket is being worked on. The server does not come pre-installed with the framework. That is not allowed. We manually log into the VPS or dedicated server and install the framework.

We will migrate all of your existing files from your old hosting company to your new purchased services. You can follow this guide on how to get started.

We will install virtualization on your machine. This will allow you to give your developer their own VPS being hosted from your dedicated server, like a test/developer server for them. This combined with the GitHub will be your power house for developing. They will log in using another IP, username and password.

We will install GitHub, set it on your machine and give your team a small quick training. GitHub will be used for you and your team to push code to your VPS/dedicated server without providing them access to your box. GitHub is also an amazing and safe way to have all of your server files back up at all times.

Logo Branding Kit for New Servers or Rebranding Provide us with your community's name, and we'll supply a comprehensive branding kit and identity. This includes logos, a detailed logo brand analysis, color schemes, and various branding strategies. Additionally, we offer rebranding services for existing communities. If you have a logo you wish to update, we're here to assist with that transformation. Examples of previously completed work:

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