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DDoS Dashboard

How to use our DDoS Dashboard. Dashboard is currently on beta and not everyone have access to it.
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Select the IP you want to manage.
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If this is your first time, you need to apply your filters. Click on "Create Filters"
Create Filter
Rules for your server will come already prepopulated. We highly recommend leaving these defaults. However, for more advanced users, you may change them as you see fit. Make sure to select Windows (Remote Desktop) or Linux (SSH) for the proper operating system of your VPS or dedicated server. If you're not sure, leave it as Windows. Click "Apply Filters" to deploy them. WARNING: When you do this, if there are players on the city, it will kick everyone.
How it looks after successful deployment of filters.
Filters Applied

Opening Additional Ports

After deploying the initial rules you may open additional ports by clicking on "Add Filter" on the top right of the dashboard and select the correct protocol and the correct rule. If your rule name is missing, CONTACT US! Do not deploy rules that you're not familiar with as it will cause connection issues on your server.
Opening Additional Ports