Players FiveM players are needy. Yeah, I said it. These people are needy. They only think of "I". They feel empowered when they donate $20 to your city and feel they should have a say in how your city is ran.

Town Halls Lol! When I think of Town Halls I just think of a bunch of ignorant players trying to give their opinions and using words such as "I think" and "Perhaps" and "Maybe we should". Literary goes on and on for hours and hours. People giving their dumb opinions about this RP and that RP. There's always that one kid who tries to be inspirational and it's just like "You're cringe bro... just be quiet" Okay, roasting is over... listen up, town halls are a waste of time. Do not do them. Instead, have weekly meeting with your staff members. Keep your staff members informed and always be upfront of what is happening. Those staff members will now have answers to questions when people ask. Also, keep change logs up to date, exactly what you have done with every single thing changed or upcoming. Communication is key, don't leave your players hanging.

Influence by players Here is where a lot of cities go wrong... CATERING towards a specific group or gang because there's 10 of them in your server and that's your biggest population so you cater towards them. Don't! Those players are not loyal players, when shit hits the fan or a RP don't go their way, those players will leave you and what you're left with will be your actual loyal players. Big groups should not dictate how you should run your city.

Drama Do NOT let it happen. If someone is causing drama, ban them. Don't let it go on, don't let it carry! It will spread and it will become a bigger issue.

Low Population DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Keep developing, keep putting content, keep at it. Winners never quit and quitters never win. The key is to stay on target and to stay ahead of the game. Do not stop and do not give up no matter how much population you have or don't have. People always come back. Don't shut down. I'm being serious. Don't do it, because you will get FiveM fever later and you'll start ANOTHER city and you will tell yourself it'll be different, it won't. Just keep going and keep pushing your current one.

Do not ASK about other games or START another community

Don't go around asking if they want another community or another server. That will start the rumor mill. People will start talking and say you have given up and if that's the case because you need a break, then too bad. You don't deserve a break. You're an RP city owner and people followed you, so don't let them know and start splitting your population. Your FiveM is already not doing good, why are you trying to make other servers and games? Focus on ONE THING at a TIME.

Waves The RP scene is very versatile and volatile. Players comes in waves and leaves in waves, don't get discouraged.


NEVER EVER EVER say you're going to do a wipe!! This is the FASTEST way to kill your city in RECORD time! Don't say you're working on V2 or V3 or whatever version you're working on. Do NOT tell ANYONE about a wipe or EVEN MENTION a wipe! This will discourage players from flying in and they will find another city but they'll tell you "we're just waiting for v2" bs, they aren't, those players are done playing. Don't say I did not warned you.

Version Updates:

Best way to announce a V2 + is, 1 day before. Do something fun to remember V1 and move on, do it super quick. No one should expect a new version being released. I would recommend doing an event such as:

  • Purge Event

  • No RP rules

  • Cops vs criminal shoot out

  • Max rewards increased

  • Zombie attack

  • Free For All

Be realistic with your releases, a version should be a FULL on update, not small bug fixes you have done. Your change logs should remain 1.1, 1.1.5, 1.2.5, etc... so there's a proper paper trail of the things you have done.

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