Bugs Now you have to rely on "devs" that will help fix your city. How many of you actually paid a "dev" and that "dev" did horse shit? I bet a lot. Hence why I use "devs" because half of these "self-taught devs" are nothing but copy/paste wizards. Thinking they can get away with it and just barely fix simple errors and all of the sudden, they're masters. Then they go around calling themselves "dev for hire" going city to city like a firefighter, putting out fires, not preventing them because they're newbies and in the processing breaking more shit to being with. It really is a vicious cycle.

Blind READ READ READ READ READ READ! I don't know how many times I have to say this, READ! There's always a READ ME, like don't ask stu$@! questions as a developer, seriously. Take your time and read through the guides and the READ MEs that are available. A lot of devs put a lot of time into their reads me so you can understand it. Search as well on Google before you ask any questions to someone else. Believe me, your question already has been answered. This is how you learn, seriously, by struggling.

Search SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH!! Before you ask ANY QUESTIONS, use the SEARCH feature specially if you're going to ask in a Discord, I guarantee you someone else already asked the question and was answered, so why will you wait for an answer? Just search for keywords that you're looking for and you'll find the answers, you will learn to be independent and you won't need to rely on people.

New features It's your city, isn't? Then do what you wish and how you envision your city. Don't let people sway how you want your city to ran because they don't agree with a new feature you added. A lot of owners say "I give power to the people" Oh yeah? Good luck with that. You will be running around in circles trying to PLEASE everyone and at the end, you will please no one. Soon you'll have an angry mob because you said you'll do this and do that.

Focus Next time you develop, make a change log. You will see all the things you have accomplished and you'll feel motivated. How many of you have sat down in your PC, 5 hours go by and you accomplish nothing? "What have I done today to fix the server?" If your answer is nothing, that is okay. Why is that okay? Well, you are learning. Everyone started like that, no one was born with coding knowledge.

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