Staff Members

Owners You're the only owner, no one else. Make sure you make that clear, not by saying it, but by giving yourself Owner tag. Why? Because some people that are close to you will THINK they have somewhat of a say and that person will try to undermine you. That person will definitely go around talking 💩about you and how you're a terrible owner.


Your admin team should NOT be in a gang or be leader of a gang. This is the quickest way to get drama started in your server.

Your admins should NOT be using IDs/Names while actively RPing. This will cause a fair disadvantage over others and this is clearly meta gaming. Your admins should NOT be RPing in their Admin character. The permissions set to them should be based on CITIZEN ID, not license. This way, there are no accusations of them spawning stuff to help their RP, everyone does it so to prevent it, just don't give them the option to do it.

Staff Applications Be careful how you open your staff applications to your members... it is very common to always get a few but hurts because they didn't get staff and their friends did. This will cause unnecessary issues and drama, just avoid it. I would never recommend opening staff applications to the public. Staff should be hand picked based on activity and performance, not on an "application" that says nothing about them.

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