😌Adding Authorized Users

Keep your server safe and don't let anyone else use our billing portal. It contains personal information like your name, home address, and phone number. If someone else gets access they can see all of this information. They could delete your files or cause other serious problems. No one have access to adding authorized users from within your client billing portal, that option is disabled.

Working with a developer?

If you're working with developers or others on your server, you can let them access the server directly, for example through Remote Desktop. For more info on this, read Adding Developer Access. But remember, this could lead to risks, like unwanted changes. We always want what's best for you, so please be careful and only share access with people you really trust.

However, please remember that only server owners can access our support services for support related to the server itself such as billing questions, server performance, etc... For us, the 'owner' refers solely to our client. If help is needed, it must be requested by the owner, either via Discord or our web portal.

While this policy may seem challenging, it is designed to protect your files and respect the work you've put into your city. If you need help, simply create a ticket on Discord!

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