🌆MLO Installation

How to properly install your MLOs

Below I'll show you how to properly pack MLOs. You'll be able to stream almost all MLOs into one single resource rather than streaming different ones.

You can download a template by clicking here. They are empty folders with nothing inside, just named to facilitate this guide.

You cannot pack MLOs that are encrypted, like Gabz map. You can tell if they're encrypted if the folder comes with a .fxap

Using the template above for as reference

All of your stream files should go on the stream folder. Inside each of the folders, you'll place ALL of your stream files. You can also place .ymap extensions on these stream folders.

The MOST important rule about packing your MLOs is to make sure that your file name _manifest.ymf is NEVER NAMED the same in all of your stream folder. I would recommend changing them to what the MLO is, for example, _manifestburgershot.ymf, _manifestmrdp.ymf, etc...

We do not offer any support other than what is found on this guide. Please do not ask us for any support or open tickets about this, they will be auto closed.

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