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Authorized Users

You're welcome to allow others remote desktop access to your server such as your developers or people assisting you with your server.
However, please remember that only server owners can access our support services for support related to the server itself such as billing questions, server performance, etc...
Never share access to your billing portal with others - our system monitors account activity and can detect unauthorized access. Any suspicious behavior can lead to immediate server suspension or even termination without prior notice.
For us, the 'owner' refers solely to our client. If help is needed, it must be requested by the owner, either via Discord or our web portal.
Attempts to sidestep this policy will be detected through our diligent IP and login tracking. If you opt to grant others access to your account, any consequences are solely your responsibility; our company isn't liable for such decisions.
While this policy may seem challenging, it is designed to protect your files and respect the work you've put into your city. If you need help, simply create a ticket on Discord!