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There are two ways to configure the dedicated server: using command line parameters or using the Server.cfg file. Note that command line parameters will overwrite entries in the config file that match.

Using Command Line Parameters

Open ports 8766, 27015, and 27016 on your router and firewall for TCP/UDP.
Create a shortcut and add the following parameters:
-serverip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -serversteamport 8766 -servergameport 27015 -serverqueryport 27016 -servername TheForestGameDS -serverplayers 8 -difficulty Normal -inittype Continue -slot 1
Run the game or dedicated server using the shortcut.
The available command line parameters are:
-serverip // The local network IP of the server
-serversteamport // The steam server port, default is 8766
-servergameport // The server game port, default is 27015
-serverqueryport // The server query port, default is 27016
-servername // The server display name
-serverplayers // The maximum number of players, default is 8
-serverpassword // The server password, default is none
-serverpassword_admin // The server admin password, default is none
-serversteamaccount // The steam account name, blank means anonymous
-enableVAC // Enable Valve Anti Cheat
-serverautosaveinterval //The autosave interval in minutes, default is 15
-difficulty // The game difficulty level, default is Normal
-inittype // The type of game to start, default is New
-slot <1|2|3|4|5> // The save slot to use, default is 1
-showlogs // Enable server log window
-veganmode // Enable the vegan mode cheat (no enemies)
-vegetarianmode // Enable the vegetarian mode cheat (no enemies during daytime)
-resetholesmode // Reset all existing floor holes when loading a save
-treeregrowmode // Enable tree regrowth when sleeping
-nobuildingdestruction // Prevent enemies and players from destroying buildings
-allowenemiescreative // Enable enemy spawn in creative games
-allowcheats // Allow clients to use the built-in development console
-configfilepath // Change the config file path used by the server
-savefolderpath // Allows defining a custom folder for save slots
-realisticPlayerDamage // Enable realistic player damage
Note: For the config file path, the folder must exist, but the file